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What good is a pretty web site if no one can find it?

Our ethical and effective SEO services will build your
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What is SEO and how does it work?

SEOAt Leadtooth we have over a decade of experience executing successful Search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Our SEO strategies constantly produce measurable and profitable results whether working with local Chicago businesses or large national companies.

Search engine optimization can seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t all that complicated. The most important tasks involved in SEO deal with aligning your web site with the three major components search engines use to determine their results.

1. Website Technical Components

Can the search engines properly crawl and index your website? Leadtooth will examine your website, looking at every major factor that may cause your website not to be indexed. We also ensure that your website complies with web standards used by all the major search engines. Leadtooth will provide recommendations and can make the site changes needed to help your website achieve rankings in search engines.

2. Site Content

Does the content on your website reflect the way consumers are searching for your business? Leadtooth uses keyword research and analysis of your competitors to discover which keywords in your industry provide the highest volume of qualified traffic. Once we have determined the top industry keywords, Leadtooth examines the content found on your site. Meta tags, page copy, and page titles and other elements of your website are then optimized to have relevancy to high volume keyword terms.

3. Link popularity

What is link popularity and why is it important?

Link popularity is the number of links your website has pointed towards its address from other websites. Link popularity is a major determining factor in a website ranking high on the search engines for a particular term. Link popularity became a more dominant factor in search engine rankings as the internet has evolved. Today, the number of web sites that meet the first two criteria above (technically sound and relevant content) has exploded, so search engines use link popularity to determine ranking.

Leadtooth examines the sites in your industry that rank for desirable keyword terms. We then determine a plan to match and exceed the number, quality, and content of links going to your competitor’s website. On a monthly basis Leadtooth will architect and execute a link building strategy designed to match and exceed your competitor’s inbound links in number, quality, and content. This strategy will greatly improve your website’s rankings for top industry keywords.

SEO Reporting

We take reporting very seriously at Leadtooth. At the start of every SEO campaign we ensure that all metrics used to measure success or failure in a campaign (traffic, conversions, ranking improvements) are clearly defined and understood by our clients.

On a monthly basis you will receive the following reports which will be used to evaluate the SEO campaign:

  • SEO Review – The SEO review will outline activities conducted, analytics showing monthly traffic and conversions, results, and recommendations for next month.
  • Ranking Report – The ranking report will show your current ranking in the search engines for identified targeted keywords. Additionally, the monthly increase or decrease of client’s rankings in the search engines is shown.
  • Monthly Call – Leadtooth will conduct a monthly call reviewing these documents to ensure that you understand how your campaign is performing. During the call Leadtooth will review strategies used, results, and steps that will be taken moving forward.

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