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Rise International’s New School Directory


Rise International Web SiteWe launched the new school directory section for Rise International this week. The new school directory allows the organization to better showcase the schools they help to build in Angola.

The set up includes customized Google Maps that pull location data, custom fields and post thumbnails from a WordPress custom post type. The schools are also displayed using an Isotope grid with custom filtering and pagination.

The school details pages rely heavily on WordPress custom fields to provide a completely custom solution. School photos are displayed using an Isotope gallery. When available, videos can be viewed directory on the school directory page.

When discussing the project, Rise wanted a way to highlight the school that is currently in development. We created a custom widget for them that pulls the latest school in development and displays its key information. The widget is displayed in prominent areas on the main school directory page and on each school detail page.

The whole set up is responsive as well, allowing it to look great on all types of devices!

Click here to check out Rise International’s new school directory »