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Graphic Design Services

Everything from logos to billboards. 
We create beautiful, suitable and effective designs.

Most people’s first impression of your company comes from your marketing materials.
We’re here to give you good-looking graphic design solutions.

Graphic Design

  • Logo Design
  • Identity & Branding Development
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Brochure & Flyer Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Postcard Design
  • Billboard Design
  • Vinyl Window Graphics
  • Print Advertisement Design
  • Vector Floorplan Layout
  • T-Shirt & Apparel Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Custom USB Drive Graphics

How We Can Help

We like to make all kinds of things look good. We have done it for a while and have been pretty succesful at it. We would like to help you too.

Like our web design services, we start projects by getting to know you a bit. We will have an in-person or phone meeting to discuss specifics of the project. Once we have a strong understanding of the intent of the project and your company, we will provide you with an itemized quote. See the Getting Started page for more information on pricing.

As with everything we do, your comments and suggestions throughout the design process are encouraged and will help to provide you with the best results. We do a lot of research on our end, but your assistance is always helpful as well.

All graphic design projects created by Leadtooth are designed to industry specifications, ready to print, and submitted for you when possible.

Logo and Identity Design

Our logo and identity design process allows us to create a design that accurately represents your business or project. After learning a bit about the purpose of the logo, we design a group of logo compositions and provide them to you for feedback. Your preferences are then used to revise a design until you are happy with the result.

After you have approved the logo design, it is provided to you in all standard formats (PDF, EPS and JPG).

Our process is simple and efficient, while providing the time necessary to ensure that the final result will serve you well.

Logo Design Samples

Printing Your Designs

Leadtooth has developed a strong working relationship with a number of local and online printing sources. We can assist you in finding a source to print your project at the best price, while retaining a high quality print.

For non-standard projects (USB flash drives, pens, vinyl banners, die-cut designs, etc), we have found reliable printers who have provided customers with great products. We will work with these printers or any printer you choose to ensure that your new design is printed properly.

To learn more about how we organize your graphic design quote and what you can expect from working with Leadtooth, see our getting started section.