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Matt and BroncoThanks Buddy
We miss ya

I’m a dog man. I’ve spent a majority of days with them by my side, some closer to my toes than others. They’re a hell of a friend.

Bronco was the best of them.

When I was excited, he was excited.

When I was sad, he sympathized.

When I raised my voice a bit in frustration, he perked up and gave me his “Relax dude” look.

He loved my friends and they loved him…Sometimes more than me I believe.

More than most humans, he exemplified the traits of people that I like. He was kind, protective, thankful and easy to please.

Bronco left us on April 23, 2009. Cancer got him like it gets a lot of the good ones. He passed on our kitchen floor, with his head in Shanna and my hands.

This one’s for Bronco.

[audio:|titles=The Gunshy – Thanks Buddy]