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Matt and BroncoCreate. Be Fair. Be Nice. That’s all I really want to do
Ok. And spend some time with my new wife, friends & dog.

The purpose of Leadtooth is to offer creative designs that best represent you in a professional, convenient and functional manner. No stock photos (unless you want them) and no weird, crazy hidden fees. You can look professional, be well-represented, and be comfortable with your promotional tools without paying excessive fees or dealing with a large, impersonal company. Nothing created by Leadtooth sees the light of day until you are completely satisfied with it. Your website, your advertisement, your logo should not simply serve a purpose, but rather bring excitement and renewed interest to both you and the consumer.

This little company has grown a bit to offer our clients an extensive variety of design tools and marketing options. If you just need a web site and the ability to handle updating it on your own, we can set you up. If you need to produce a web and print marketing campaign for a large project, we can help you out with that too.

We just want to create exceptional tools and help good people.

My name is Matt Arbogast. I started Leadtooth to offer professional and effective creative services inexpensively and without any troubles. We keep it small here so we can keep the rates low and to make life easier for you.

I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, known best for it’s Amish population, and have been designing websites and promotional material for over fifteen years. In 2002, I graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Communication/Public Relations and soon thereafter began touring in support of my first record under the name The Gunshy. In 2004, I moved to Chicago and have continued to tour (I have a laptop for client updates from the road!) and record songs. I worked extensively in recent years with children and adults with Autism before deciding to take on the design world full-time. I like dogs. A lot. So much so that the one who slept at my feet when Leadtooth first started now lives on in our little logo.

If you’d like to know anything else, please feel free to write me at or call 773-318-3993.